Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Road

The road is not mine. The road is not yours. The road does not belong to cabs or buses or pedestrians. The road does not belong to the police or to the Hare Krishnas. The road is a common space.

Therefore, you can't be in MY way. And I can't be in YOURS.

The "rules of the road" are not rules that are enforced by anyone. Unenforced rules are not rules. They are ideas. Some good. Some bad.

The road is a random place where random things happen. Friends get doored. Tires go flat. Hills get climbed. Garbage blows around. Pedestrians move back and forth like water through a semi-permeable membrane. Lights flash and change. Signs say stop and sometimes people stop.

Traffic is neither good nor bad. Traffic simply is. Except when it isn't. Oh, to be the only one on the road, late at night, a chill in the air and fresh asphalt down.

I'm fast then, and no one is in the the way.

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