Thursday, October 2, 2008

Great. Now What?

My shoulder feels good. My tires are pumped up with air. My bag is packed. My jacket is laid out on the chair. I'm ready to go. But I'm not going. I'm sick. I can cough up scrambled eggs. I think it's eggs. It sure looks like it. I should try to get someone to try them. I'm not trying them. I mean, jeez, I just spit that crap out.

What if this was my mutant power. I spit scrambled eggs. What would that mean? I think I'd probably have to be a super villain. Well maybe not "super". Super gross maybe. But anyway I think I'd be a villain. I'd go into the bank and just ask for the money. All nice like. They'd say "no." I'd say "you sure?" Then I'd just start spraying out the scrambled eggs. Like a fire hose! Just hosing that place down like it's on fire! Then I'd stop and say "how about now?" and they'd be all "holy crap! Cut that out. That's nasty. Here's the money! Go away." Could be a good gig.

I could be a hero too I guess. I could just go to Africa or something and feed people, but really, who's that hungry?

I suppose I should write something about bikes and commuting now. I hope to ride my bike next week. I'm spitting up a lot less eggs today.
There. Done.

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