Friday, February 27, 2009


So, as I wrote last, I've been riding my new bike. I rode it on Tuesday. I rode it on Wednesday. I rode it yesterday, and I rode it today.

On Tuesday I was uncomfortable. I thought, "This bike is slow and funny to sit on. Maybe I made a mistake. I wonder how much I can get for this thing now that it's built."

On Wednesday I made a couple adjustments and started to settle in. I began experimenting with skidding and steering up hills and generally seeing how I could throw the thing around. I enjoyed that.

On Thursday I really started to like the bike. It's definitely still a little uncomfortable. I think I need to swap the saddle out or put meat tenderizer on my taint or something. I might throw some straight bars on it. I'm going to fuck around some and see if I can get it all the way there.

And you know, this is all just bike shit. Things take time to settle.

It's nothing, but it's a discovery for me.

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