Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The difference between me and people who know how to ride.

I have been riding bicycles since 1977, I think. I've ridden BMX, banana seat cruisers, road bikes, mountain bikes, urban bombers, single speed, fixed gear, beach cruisers, and loved them all. For a while, when I was mountain biking a lot, I practiced observed trials. If you don't know what trials is, it's a bike handling discipline based around navigation of an obstacle course. Your feet are meant never to touch the ground. These courses may consist entirely of a pile of large boulders.

I practiced lateral hopping, climbing stairs, spins and pivots, hopping to table tops and park benches, etc. etc. etc. I was not very good at any of it, despite many hours frittered away.

This guy on the other hand has mastered the force of gravity, made it his bitch, locked it in a small cage in his basement, to use as he will, whenever he wishes. Behold his magic:

And then go ride your bike.


soberdanimal said...

sick. sick sick! that's all i can say. man i used to ride a lil myself and all i can say is um...arh...ohh..yep....speechless. :()

Da Robot said...

Oh to be young and underemployed again. That's what it takes to develop skills like that. Oh, and talent. It also takes talent, so being young and comfortably poor still wouldn't really get me there.