Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Product Endorsements!!!!

I'm loathe to sell anything for anyone. Ever. BUT...this winter I encountered two products, which I found unswervingly helpful in my pursuit of year-round cycling happiness.

And now I share them with you.

The first is a pair of knicker tights by a company called Black Bottoms. I'd give you a direct link, but their site seems to be frames-based (LAME!!!!!), so I can't do that. However, the knickers themselves are the warmest and most comfortable I've ever worn. They cost $72 from the site. I got mine, new with tags, off eBay for $35, but I think they're worth $72. In cold weather, I'd wear them every day.

The other is this. So warm, so comfortable. Again, I get them cheaper on eBay, like $30 each, but they're worth more. This base layer with a t-shirt got me through days as cold as 30 with no problem.

I'm not a big gear guy. I don't like to get all skin-suited to ride around town, but the winter demands a little gearing up just to make riding possible, sans hypothermia.

There's a lot of crap out there. I own some of it. But these two products were big wins for me, so I thought I'd share.

Another recommendation I could make is to search eBay for old wool cycling jerseys. There are a ton out there for cheap, and wool is good.

You're welcome.

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