Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The decision not to decide

I read a lot of bike blogs. Lately I've been hoovering up the fixed-oriented blogs, but I also read some pro road blogs. I read stuff about cross, bmx, old English cruisers, mechanic blogs, product-related info. I read it all. And, invariably, I bring some of it back here to sift through.

What struck me recently, especially as regards all the fixed gear blogs sprouting, is that I can't imagine confining myself to one type of cycling. This blog can be pretty erratic, but I think that's a good thing. In my mind, cycling is about freedom, the freedom to escape, the freedom to wander, so that's what this blog tries to be.

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Seth said...

You're too right on this one. All the fractures in cycling culture are painful sometimes. It is all about the freedom. Who cares about the whale on the hybrid!? They're out there riding!
Thanks for reflecting it in your blog, too!