Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hey man, what's up?

I'm not really a fan of comics that start with "the origin". I like to start with a good story. Some real suspense, a classic villain! Let the origin unfold around issue 6 maybe. But slowly, so by issue 25 maybe you can drop a HUGE bombshell! Something like, the main villain is the hero's father and HIS hand was cut off with a lightsaber TOO!

So that's what I'm hoping to do here with this here blog. Tho The Robot may do something else completely. Probably something that makes sense, is well thought out, and properly spelled. I will not reveal my origin story in these first posts. I will attempt to solve a simple crime and hint at my major villain to come.

If you're looking at this first post as a whole you may be thinking or saying (much to the annoyance of the guy in the cube next to you), "What?! 3 paragraphs? That's your opening salvo?" Yes. That is. Baby steps and all that. But since you may have read this far and I hope not aloud, I will give you a major hint at what a future post may be about! I have an aluminum bike and my ass hurts (yes I have a seat attached to the seatpost). What could possibly happen!? 

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