Friday, July 18, 2008

Instant Gratification.

So, where I last left off, I was dealing with a sore ass from my cheap aluminum bike. I really should say sore grundle/taint (use Urban Dictionary if you don't know what I'm talking about but you probably know). Anyhoo, I had taken steps to fix this. I have NO idea if my steps will fix anything. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I ordered a carbon fiber seatpost.

I went to Colorado Cyclist and ordered an Easton EC-70 Carbon seatpost. I read some reviews and the prevailing vibe was it didn't suck. I figured at about 100 bucks that's my price point to be allowed to make a mistake every few months. Besides, this wasn't going to make anything worse. I felt excited that this could be good. So excited that I splurged and got 2nd day air/error.

Why look how cute I am with my "air/error"! What's the error? Let me tell you! So I keep checking my mail. Looking for my shipment notice. The rest of the afternoon, the rest of the night, the next day, I keep checking then finally it ships! Hurray! However, I'm a bit miffed that it took so long to put in the mail but ok, things happen.

The next day I check the tracking info. My seat post is in Kentucky. I live in California. My seatpost was sent from Colorado. Uh. That's sorta in the wrong way. I mean you can keep going east and it'll get here I suppose, but... Ok. Maybe it's some sort of UPS hub? I dunno. To UPS's credit they did a fast ass turn around on moving the package to a plane on it's way to Oakland, CA.

So this morning I look at the tracking info and the seatpost is out for delivery. That's good. I'll have it for the weekend. Which is good. BUT, I had wanted it on Thursday - 2 days from after I ordered it. So I'm pissed. I'm not sure if that's ok tho. UPS did do 2nd day shipping. They were fast. Colorado Cyclist was not fast. I went under the assumption that something with a shipping upgrade would get put in the mail ASAP. I mean I chose 2nd day. Don't they think I would want it 2 days from the time of purchase? But maybe I ordered it too late in the day for them to process it? I can see that, maybe if it's not in the morning when the order comes in it has to go out the next day? But should I expect that maybe their website has the logic to say "Hey, you chose 2nd day air and it's too late in our day to meet that. Expect to get your stuff a day later." I'm pissed but not sure if I'm right to be pissed.

I can also allow that one of the reasons I am pissed is that 3 local bike shops didn't have carbon fiber seatpost even in stock. Performance Bikes had one but it was like 250mm. Way to short. So that doesn't count as in stock. Don't shops stock seatposts? I can see where they don't with them being 100 bucks and up. That's a lot of dough to tie up in an item that doesn't exactly fly off the shelves.

Ugh. So frustrating! I WANT SOMETHING! GIVE IT TO ME! I WILL PAY YOU! HANDSOMELY EVEN! Sigh, maybe I'll feel better when I get home and my post is waiting for me or maybe I'll be out of my mind pissed when I find out UPS wouldn't deliver because no one was home and they're closed on Saturday or something. Why is this gotta be so hard? Like I needed a 2nd pain in my ass.


Da Robot said...

When did you turn into such a tool, frothing at the mouth over a carbon fiber seat post? I bet you wear bib shorts (and just bib shorts) to Starbucks. You're that guy with the unsightly bulge and the hairy chest. No one wants to see that dude, and a carbon fiber seat post isn't going to make it better.

Cyclosaur said...

I wear my bibs in your dreams you weirdo.