Tuesday, March 31, 2009

When I'm fast

It's usually because the wind is at my back. I'm riding along, feeling good, and I think, "Damn, I'm fast today!" And then I realize that there's a 25 knot wind at my back. Yeah, you're fast, douchebag!

You can tell if the wind is at your back, if you can hear. When there is a head or side wind, you get that ocean sound in your ears, and you have to tilt your head out of the breeze to hear. I find this is especially helpful when determining if that rumbling sound is a truck driving up your ass. I mean, sometimes you just can't afford to look over your left shoulder.

It's too bad the road isn't like this blog. I appear to be completely alone here.

Cyclosaur and Meatball claim to be "too busy" to bless us with their wisdom. Or maybe they've been hit by the bus.

Should have cocked their head sideways. Would have heard it coming.

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