Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tour Comments

I'm away on vacation, but thanks to the miracle of wifi am still able to reach out and touch you with my cycling love. Unfortunately, the miracle of wifi does not come with the added cable sports package necessary to watch today's stage on the miracle of Versus.

Regardless, some comments on yesterday's stage:

1) I really, really wanted George Hincapie in the yellow jersey. I don't know what's so compelling about Big George. In interviews, he has all the charisma of an already licked postage stamp. I guess it's the years of service to better riders and the crap luck he's had in the Spring Classics. Anyway, it would have been nice to see him wear the jersey for a day.

Having said that, suck it up, everybody. He was eight seconds too slow. It wasn't Garmin's fault. It wasn't Columbia's fault. It wasn't Astana's fault. It just didn't work out. This the Tour de Freaking France, not High School Musical. Sometimes the endings aren't happy.

2) I like Thor Hushovd. Nice guy off the bike. Hard worker on it. He somehow remains competitive in the sprints, despite having no lead out train to speak of. But seriously Thor, get over it. I've watched the video half a dozen times, and I don't see Cavendish blocking you. A braver man makes that gap every time. And I hope the margin of Cav's penalty isn't what puts you in the Green Jersey in Paris, cause you're gonna feel like a fraud if it does.

Christ, I hope Thor Hushovd doesn't show up at my house to kick my ass. Dude is huge.

So that's it. Today the Tour heads up, which is when we'll finally find out which are the men and which are the boys.


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