Monday, July 6, 2009

The Tour So Far

OK. I didn't expect Cancellara to win the Prologue. I thought Contador would take it, thus establishing himself as the unquestioned leader of Astana. I still think he should be their leader, even if Lance is higher on GC today. Does anyone think Lance is going to drop Contador on a climb? If AC can out time trial LA, then what chance has old man Texas got?

Next, fucking Cavendish. Seriously? Seriously? Are you really just going to win every sprint stage? Cause that's kind of rude. I mean, it's totally awesome to watch, but leave a crumb for Hushovd or Bennatti, please? Also, get a better I-won-the-stage salute. And get a new for Contador while you're at it. That gun shooter thing he does is SUPERFUCKINGLAME!!!

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