Saturday, May 23, 2009

Giro comments

I try not to talk about pro cycling TOO much here, because I know not everybody is into it, and I really like to keep room here on the bracket for ALL kinds of cycling, but I can't let another Saturday pass without just a couple of comments regarding the Giro d'Italia, currently underway in that funny, boot-shaped country where they eat all them noodles.

1) Wow! Di Luca, Menchov, Leipheimer, Basso, Sastre. Any of those guys could win this thing, and I wouldn't be surprised. Unlike the seven snooze fests that the Big Lance won in France (ok, they weren't ALL boring), this is real race. Wide open. The English language commentary is pretty slanted toward Leipheimer pulling something out of his rear passage, but I have to believe that Di Luca is the real monster. He's obviously super-motivated, has huge crowd support and has his whole season built around winning the Giro. Dark horse candidate to win: Sastre. I doubt he'll push too hard for it, saving himself for the Tour, but if he's in striking distance and he can gap some guys on one of the remaining climbs, don't be shocked.

2) Cavendish. The dude is clearly the fastest sprinter in the world now, and the lead out his team gives him is also the best. But to pull out of the Giro now, after winning three stages is lame. I don't understand this at all. I didn't like it when McEwen did it. I didn't like it when Cippolini did it. I don't like it. Race the race or stay home.

3) Lance. I'm not talking about Lance. There's really nothing to talk about.

4) Universal Sports rules. Great coverage. Free. On demand. I miss Phil Liggett, but really, for an event that's not on TV, Universal's coverage is awesome.

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