Friday, May 15, 2009

Two things that bother me

1) People who ride with headphones on. Hey, I wanna listen to music while I ride too, but when I do that I can't hear people coming up behind me. Yeah, you're in the middle of the lane and no one can get by you, and you can't hear me yelling at the back of your head.

2) Roller bladers. I have a lot of time for pedestrians and even for some drivers, but really, roller bladers? Just cut it out.

Bonus thing that bothers me:

Saw this guy a few weeks ago on a vintage Colnago track bike that he had set up with mustache bars. He was pedaling along at two miles an hour. He had sandals on. Now mostly, I stick to the mantra, "I don't have to ride your bike, so I don't care what you ride," but riding a Colnago track bike like it was a cruiser is just rude. It's like using a Ferrari for golf cart. Cut it the fuck out.

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